We provide comprehensive assistance in the use by taxpayers of available subsidies and tax incentives related to innovative activities, in particular R&D tax relief, IP Box, 50% tax deductible costs and subsidies from EU funds and government programs.

We help large technology companies with extensive R&D departments and large-scale innovation activities, as well as start-ups that are just beginning their adventure with innovation.

R&D relief

TaxLab partners have extensive experience in implementing tax relief for research and development activity - they helped to successfully benefit from the R&D tax relief by taxpayers from various industries (including IT, health care, automotive, pharmaceuticals) and of various sizes (large and medium entrepreneurs as well as start-ups).

We help with:

  • identification of areas of your activity eligible for R&D activity and tax relief;
  • identification of eligible costs as well as calculation and reporting of tax relief;
  • securing your tax position by obtaining appropriate tax interpretations;
  • introducing organizational / documentation changes that will allow for effective and safe use of the R&D tax relief.



We also advise in connection with the so-called IP Box, i.e. the possibility of using a preferential 5% tax rate for specific categories of revenues obtained from industrial property rights. The relevant regulations have been in force in Poland since the beginning of 2019.


50% tax deductible costs

We implement solutions that allow taxpayers to safely use 50% of tax deductible costs. Especially:

we analyze your business and activities performed by individual employees in terms of the possibility of using increased costs;

we prepare all documentation required to apply 50% of the costs (e.g. records of works, transfer protocols, remuneration regulations);

we apply for individual interpretations to secure your tax position.

Non-refundable grants

 Subsidies from EU Funds

We support our clients in obtaining support from EU funds for R&D, production, innovative and environmental investments. As part of the grant application process, we deal in particular with:

  • assessment of the eligibility of the project within the available sources of support,
  • preparing changes to the planned project to increase the chances of obtaining financing,
  • preparation of an application for aid with the necessary attachments,
  • verification of formal documents,
  • preparing answers to the selected institution to questions appearing during the evaluation,
  • preparation of documents for the grant agreement,
  • settlement of obtained support (payment applications, reporting applications, annex applications, etc.).

Grants from the government program

We support in obtaining funding under the government program entitled "Program for supporting investments of high importance for the Polish economy for 2011 - 2030". As part of the process of applying for support, we deal in particular with:

  • assessment of the eligibility of the project under the Program,
  • developing proposals for changes in the planned investment in order to increase the chances of obtaining support under the Program,
  • preparation of an application for aid with the necessary attachments (e.g. analysis of the incentive effect),
  • support at the stage of signing a grant agreement under the Program,
  • settlement of the obtained support.

Due to the fact that the support under the Program may be combined with the CIT / PIT exemption under the Polish Investment Zone and the real estate tax exemption, we also help in the coordination of the entire process of obtaining public aid from all available sources.